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In General


Every morning in Junior and Senior School where we sing, pray, acknowledge achievements, birthdays and events, learn Sign language etc.

Bog Garden

vegetable planting, walks and picnics on school lawn and walkway

Green School Committee Activities

Student Council

Irish Dancing during school day as part of the curriculum

Speech and Drama – school day, curriculum

Swimming – school day, curriculum

Yoga – school day, curriculum

Music – Assemblies, school choir, Carol concerts, school concerts and shows

Sign Language


  • Football team
  • Soccer team
  • Camogie team
  • Basketball team
  • Athletics team
  • Swimming
  • Sports Day
  • Spike Ball ( Mini-Volleyball)
  • P.E.

Junior Traffic Wardens

Visual Arts

  • Outdoor garden Mosaic
  • Front Lawn Mosaic
  • Wall mosaics and collages

Lunchtime Pals – organised yard activities for lunch time


  • Computer Room, full class set of computers
  • In-class Lap top group use
  • Interactive Whiteboards in every classroom
  • Digital School of Distinction
  • ePub Project ( ePub library)
  • New website/ School Blogging
  • Facebook page for dissemination of information and photographs to parents

Senior Citizen Liaison with Children

  • Knitting with First and Second Class
  • Indoor Floor Bowling

School Masses

  • Start of Year Mass
  • 8th December
  • 6th January
  • Ash Wednesday
  • Feast Day of St. Columba

Academic Awards in school

  • Spelling Bee
  • Gradam na Gaeilge (Corn Bríd Uí…..)
  • English Creative Writing

Baking in school Kitchen

Sensory Room

Local History Trails

After School Activities

(Extra-Curricular Activities carried out by teachers )

  • Extra-Curricular: School Choir (5th & 6th Class)
  • Extra Curricular: Football and Camogie training (5th & 6th Class)
  • Extra-Curricular: Athletics 4 All ( 2nd– 6th Class)
  • Extra-Curricular: Extra-Curricular: Basketball Training ( 4th, 5th, 6th Class)
  • Extra-Curricular: Soccer Training (4th,5th,6th Class)
  • Extra-Curricular: Garden Club (4th Class)
  • Extra-Curricular German Language Club (4th,5th,6th Class)
  • Extra-Curricular Spanish Language Club ( 6th Class)
  • Extra-Curricular: Book Club

(Privately run activities requiring payment)

  • Music Theory Lessons
  • Guitar Lessons
  • Yoga Classes
  • Irish Dancing lessons
  • Speech and Drama Lessons
  • Karate Lessons
  • Art and Crafts Lessons
  • Homework Club
  • Early Morning Breakfast Club ( Facility in St. Columba’s Montessori Centre in the complex)
  • After School Care Club ( Facility in St. Columba’s Montessori Centre in the complex)