Uniform & School Rules

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Rule 1: School Uniform

The uniform for girls in our school is a green cardigan, pinafore and tie (available in Laura’s boutique, Douglas), a cream blouse, white, cream, green or black ankle socks, knee length socks or tights and dark, sensible shoes. Our boys wear the uniform of St. Columba’s Boys’ School situated on our complex. This comprises of a maroon jumper, grey shirt and tie (available in Laura’s Boutique), grey pants and dark sensible shoes.

School tracksuits (available for boys and girls in Laura’s Boutique), white polo shirt (available with the school crest in Laura’s boutique or without the crest in any retail store) and runners are worn on P.E./Dance days or on other occasions when advised by the class teacher only.

The uniform for our Junior and Senior Infants is tracksuit, white polo shirt and runners throughout the year.

For the months of May, June and September, if and when the weather is warm, children may wear the school shorts (available in Laura’s Boutique for girls and boys) with the school tracksuit top, polo shirt and runners.

Pupils are expected to be neatly presented and dressed in their school uniforms during the school day.

Jewellery: Watches and stud earrings are allowed, no dangling or hooped earrings for health and safety purposes.


Rule 2: Attendance

Children are expected to attend school unless they are sick or due to other extenuating circumstances. Notification and details of absence should be made by a parent/guardian on the Absence Note ‘slips’ provided at the back of the school journal upon a child’s return to school (even if notification has already been made by telephone to the front office). These details are required by the Education Welfare Board and needed in writing for school record keeping purposes.


Rule 3: Punctuality

It is important that children understand the necessity for punctuality from a young age and that they develop it themselves as a good habit for later years. Children need to understand that circumstances outside their control can prevent punctuality, that this is not their fault and that it is completely acceptable. However, courtesy and social etiquette is also important whereby people apologise and acknowledge that circumstances have prevented punctuality. A short, one line, note in a child’s journal/communication copy will fulfil this request for courtesy and acknowledgement. It also provides confirmation for school management that parents/guardians are aware of the late arrival.


Rule 4: Mobile Phones

Mobile Phones, while permitted, must be switched off while on school grounds, unless a phonecall/text to home is necessary when pupils are leaving school regarding collection arrangements. Children are not allowed to take photographs or video footage or access any form of social media on their phones when on school grounds. If the Mobile Phone rule is broken, the phone will be confiscated and only returned when contact has been made with a parent/guardian re same. If this rule is repeatedly broken, the pupil will not be allowed have a mobile phone on their person while on school grounds.


Rule 5: Good Behaviour

  1. Children are expected to show courtesy and respect to each other, to all members of the school community and to visitors to our school.
  2. Children should carry out staff’s instructions at all times.
  3. Children are expected to behave in such a way that does not pose a danger or safety risk to themselves or to anyone else on school grounds or during school activities.
  4. Children should respect school property, the school environment and the property of others in a way that does not cause deliberate damage to school property, the school environment or the property of others.
  5. If a pupil is not co-operating with staff or is disruptive in school, the pupil’s parents/guardians will be advised by the Class Teacher or Principal. If there is not a satisfactory improvement in the pupil’s behaviour, the matter may be referred to the Board of Management.

Rule 6: Early Release from School

Pupils are required to stay on the school grounds during the school day. If known in advance, a dated request for early release from school must be written into the pupil’s journal and signed by a parent/guardian. Parents are obliged to sign a register in the secretary’s office before collecting a child from the classroom. If the child returns to school during the same school day, parents must sign the register again in the secretary’s office before he/she returns to the classroom.


Rule 7:

The Board of Management accepts no responsibility for any personal items of property mislaid, damaged, lost or stolen etc.