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St Columba’s GNS with Facilty for Deaf Children set up our very first Student Council in May 2017. The council gives the students an opportunity to have a voice and represent their classmates. Two representatives were chosen from each class from First to Sixth and also from the Deaf Facility. The council involves the students in the affairs of the school, in co-operation with the teachers and the Board of Management. Students meet once or twice a month to express and share ideas, interests and concerns.

The meetings give them an opportunity to:

  • play an active, positive role in the school
  • Feel valued
  • Promote friendship and respect among pupils
  • Represent the view of the students of matters of general concern to them
  • Encourage and promote initiatves from the pupils
  • Act as a channel for communication between students, management, staff and home
  • Encourage students to organise events
  • Provide fundraising opportunities
  • Play a role in policy development if needed
  • Collaborate with other groups in the school eg) Green School Committee

Students are empowered when they are represented by their peers. It gives them a sense of ownership and taps into leadership potential. They learn to negotiate, compromise and communicate ideas back to their classmates following the meetings. Representatives are actively involved in problem solving and decision making for the good of our school.