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March 2020

February 2020

Dear Parents and Guardians

Dear Parents and Guardians, I hope this e mail finds you well. Spring has begun and we are nearly at Mid term already. Can I remind you that the school will close for the Mid term break on Friday 14th and the school will be closed for a week. We will reopen on Monday February 24th. After the Mid term break we will have Musical Theatre for all the children, with some classes beginning Swimming, Gymnastics and Tennis. Even though all  these activities will all be of benefit to the children  I understand that it can be  expensive for families. If you have a problem with payment please call into me and we can make arrangements. Internet Safety Day was yesterday.. While the Internet plays an important part in our lives now, I feel that it is [...]

January 2020

Memo to Parents

Dear Parents and Guardians, Welcome to the New Year and welcome back to school routine. I hope you are well. School is up and running and we are busy. Swimming is beginning in Fourth class and some of the girls also trialled for an Indoor Camogie blitz. Some more classes will have Tennis and Gymnastics (beginning at the end of February). We hope to have a day of Music (February) and a day looking at Space (March). Lego robotics were a big hit last year and classes Second to Sixth will be having them on two days (January and April). On top of all this there is lots of good work being done .We asked for parental help for the match on Tuesday night. The Parents Association turned up trumps again and collected €1300 which [...]

December 2019

Memo to Parents

11 December, 2019 Dear Parents, I hope you are keeping well. We in school have had many of our school community out sick but thankfully people are recovering and our attendance numbers are creeping back up. Hopefully, children, parents and staff will be well for the holidays. Some classes have had issues with head lice and you may well have gotten a note home. It is important to check regularly with the fine comb to prevent re-occurrences. It doesn’t help that I’ve been told that the lice love clean hair! I told you last week that one of our yards would be closed for resurfacing. Thank you all for your help and co-operation in this regard. Despite repeated requests and assurances some sub contractors are still coming into the school grounds during peak traffic times. [...]