Message from Principal

Dear Parents and Guardians,

I hope you continue to be safe and well.

It has been a lovely week weather wise. I have been  thinking of the children in Second Class and Sixth Class who were meant to make their First Holy Communion and Confirmation recently. They will have their day…but we are not sure when.

We were awarded another Green School Flag. This is a great achievement for the school and for all the children. It is our eighth Green School Flag and it is for “Global citizenship and the Marine Environment”. Special acknowledgement goes to the teachers who are actively involved but mostly to the Green School Committee who all work so hard.  The team at Green Schools Environmental Education Unit in An Taisce were very impressed with our application and all the work we are doing. They want to thank all the hard working members of the committee and all the school. They said we deserve a huge amount of credit for our efforts and say that the work we are doing is really having a positive impact and when the work of all the schools is combined it is truly amazing. We will be looking forward to celebrating when we get back to school with a picnic on the grass as we raise the flag some day…but we are not sure when.

We are almost there with our application for our Active School Flag. Children, staff and parents have put a lot of effort into the work to achieve this flag. The children have benefitted and were more active than ever over the past two years. We are lucky that we have such lovely grounds which facilitated all our activities. The last hurdle for us was to have our Active School Week which we were planning for this term. This had to be changed to Active Home Week where your child was encouraged to keep a chart of his/ her activities. Thank you for all your support. We need to collect those charts please because we need to have them as proof that we completed the Active Home Week. It doesn’t have to be anything formal. Just write on a page what activities your child did for an hour over the day for the week, take a photograph of it and send it into us please to the office, to your child’s class teacher or to the designated email address Thanks.

We are very conscious of money that you have paid for activities in the school which we were unable to have. We are looking at how we can refund you for some activities or keep you in credit for next year. A lot depends on when we open and on direction from the Department of Education and Skills on what activities we can have next year. We will be in a position to refund Milk money

At this stage it looks like we won’t be back to school until September. You know best how and when to tell your child/children. I think they will take their cue from us if we present it in a positive way to them. Of course it is sad that they cannot be in school to meet their friends and teacher. The teachers would much prefer if they were in school. We can do best if we can stay well and safe and look forward to new beginnings in September.

Regarding September, there have been a few good suggestions out there about what we might do to make returning as smooth as we can for the children. Again, we await direction from the Department of Education and Skills. As soon as I get any details I will let you know.

In the meantime, all we can do is our best as we juggle all the demands on us. We can only take one day at a time. I hope you and your family can enjoy some of this lovely weather we are having.

Kind regards,

Tríona Fitzgerald.




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