How to enrol

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How to enrol in St. Columba’s GNS with Facility for Deaf Children

  1. Read the Enrolment Policy available on this website
  2. Ring the school office at 021 4893947 and make enquiries about available places and procedures regarding your child’s class or in relation to new Junior Infant Classes or in relation to places and procedures in our Deaf Facility
  3. Alternatively, email the school office at to make your enquiries and our secretary, Ms. Orla Quilligan, will reply by email
  4. Call to the office to get an enrolment form and any other necessary documentation or ask the secretary, Orla, to send you an enrolment form by mail
  5. Send the enrolment form back to the school, or hand it into the office, with all the details on the form filled out
  6. If you need to discuss any aspect of the school or your child’s potential enrolment with the Principal, Ms. Karen O’Sullivan, or the Deputy Principal, Ms. Tríona Fitzgerald, please make an appointment with either through the office