Caretaker Position

Caretaker position available at St. Columba’s GNS with Facility for Deaf Children.
Full-time permanent.


    • CV (Bound)
    • Letter of Application
    • Referees (name, role, contact no.)
    • Copy of certificates of courses completed (if available)


Applications may be submitted by

  • email to:          Please put ‘Caretaker Position’ in the subject bar of the email.


  • Post to: Chairperson BoM, St. Columba’s GNS with Facility for Deaf Children, Douglas, Cork.

Application closing date: 16/7/20

Job Description of School Caretaker – St. Columba’s GNS with Facility for Deaf Children


In addition to care-taking duties, the successful candidate will undertake other duties pertaining to the role as decided by the Principal and/or the Board of Management and/or as may be dictated by the needs of the school. It is expected that the Caretaker, on his/her own initiative, will carry out tasks/duties as part of the role subject to the authorisation of the Principal/Board of Management as appropriate.

While it is expected that the caretaker looks out for and shows care towards the pupils, he/she must always remain professional and adhere to child protection guidelines.

Some of the duties may change in response to Covid-19.


  1. General Duties
    • To take care of/maintain the School premises, furniture, equipment and fittings and ensure that they are kept to an agree/appropriate standard and condition.
    • To prevent insofar as possible, any damage to the structure, furniture, fittings and equipment of the school.
    • To take care of the School premises and contents as far as possible. To report suspicious happenings and unauthorised persons on the premises.
    • To carry out painting and renovation work in the School as required.
    • To monitor the level of heat in the school during the year. To exercise economy in the use of fuel and light throughout the building and prevent all unauthorised use of same.
    • To keep in safe custody the keys of all rooms in the building and to ensure that no unauthorised person has any access to any part of the building.
    • Liaise with the fire safety company regarding the maintenance of firefighting apparatus and for putting into effect the fire regulations as instructed
    • To ensure the maintenance of Security Alarms and Burglar Alarms by contacting service contractors when necessary.
    • To monitor school property being lent or borrowed. Let the School Principal or Deputy Principal know when property is borrowed.
    • To keep School grounds and hedging generally in good order.
    • To open and close the School as directed by the School Principal.
    • To note and arrange for the receipt of stores, oil/gas and other materials for general use, and for the transfer of stores, \equipment and similar materials.
    • To perform such other similar duties as may be required and generally to carry out such duties as may be required from time to time by the Employer, the Principal or other identified person.
    • Where a member of staff other than the School Principal requests the Caretaker to carry out a reasonable duty, such duty will be carried out subject to the authorisation and prioritisation of the Principal.
    • To run errands as directed by the Principal.
    • Liaise with team coaches so as to wash and dry sports gear.
    • Liaise the Caretaker of St. Columba’s BNS and work together where necessary.


  1. Daily
    • To open the access gates to the school and unset the school alarms. To ensure the access doors to the school are open and unrestricted.
    • Walk in and around the School each morning checking that corridors/exits etc. are free from obstruction(s) and checking and attending to the following: Broken glass/windows, litter, spillages, broken furniture and anything else that may lead to harm.
    • Empty the bins in the rooms at the end of the day. Manage the waste and recycling.
    • Set up the staffrooms before the break times and tidy them down after.
    • Ensure there is adequate milk in the milk dispenser for children.
    • Be on call for day to day emergencies e.g. spillages and alarms.
    • Direct traffic in the morning and evening ensuring there are no cars causing obstructions.
    • Set up chairs and tables where necessary.
    • Check with the School Principal regarding urgent repairs and regarding repairs requested by teachers.



  1. Regularly
    • Check fire-fighting equipment.
    • Report and repair (as appropriate) anything that could be a hazard to the health, safety and welfare of employees and pupils.
    • Ensure that tools, equipment, implements etc. are in a safe and secure place and that they are inaccessible to children.
    • Identify shrubs that require trimming. Keep all hedges, shrubs and trees trimmed and ensure in particular that none of these pose a hazard. Weed the bedding and pathways. Plant shrubs and hedges, trim edges of lawns, apply weed-killer and antifungals to paths. Contact the Grounds Contractor if necessary.
    • Ensure latches are in place to hold doors open.
    • Ensure wheelchair ramps are in working order.
    • Ensure there are no roof leaks.
    • Ensure the paving, floor tiles and carpets are secure and safe for walking on.


  1. During adverse weather
    • Salt and grit the paths of the school grounds on cold mornings where ice is a threat.
    • On wet/damp mornings ensure the floors are dried after the pupils have come in.
    • Ensure that the heating and water system is in working order and that the temperature is at the required level.


  1. School holidays

This list will be decided annually before the school holidays by the School Principal. All of the work must be completed by the deadline furnished. The following are examples of some of the works to be attended to:

  • Painting
  • Maintenance work on furniture and equipment as appropriate.
  • Repairing/replacing furniture as required.
  • Ensuring that any agreed renovation work is attended to.
  • Ensuring that the work must be carried out on a daily/regular basis is attended to as required.
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