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The following activities are run after school hours. Some activities are privately run and others are available as extra-curricular activities organised by teachers of the school. Information regarding school-based extra-curricular activities is generally disseminated through the school. Contact details for privately run activities are available from the office (021- 4893947).

****Also available through St. Columba’s Montessori on Campus

  • Early Morning Breakfast Club (From 8.00 a.m. onwards)
  • After School Care Club (From 1.30 p.m until 4.00 p.m.)

(Extra-Curricular Activities carried out by teachers )

  • Extra-Curricular: School Choir (5th & 6th Class)
  • Extra Curricular: Football and Camogie training (5th & 6th Class)
  • Extra-Curricular: Athletics 4 All ( 2nd– 6th Class)
  • Extra-Curricular: Extra-Curricular: Basketball Training ( 4th, 5th, 6th Class)
  • Extra-Curricular: Soccer Training (4th,5th,6th Class)
  • Extra-Curricular: Garden Club (4th Class)
  • Extra-Curricular German Language Club (4th,5th,6th Class)
  • Extra-Curricular Spanish Language Club ( 6th Class)
  • Extra-Curricular: Book Club

(Privately run activities requiring payment)

  • Music Theory Lessons
  • Guitar Lessons
  • Yoga Classes
  • Irish Dancing lessons
  • Speech and Drama Lessons
  • Karate Lessons
  • Art and Crafts Lessons
  • Homework Club
  • Early Morning Breakfast Club ( Facility in St. Columba’s Montessori Centre in the complex)
  • After School Care Club ( Facility in St. Columba’s Montessori Centre in the complex)