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  • We cater for children who are d/Deaf and hard of hearing.
  • Classes have an average of seven children in each.
  • We have a Preschool Early Intervention Class for three to five year olds. This class can be availed of for two years once your child is within the above age range.
  • The Facility caters for Classes from Junior Infants to Sixth Class.
  • The same curriculum is taught at each class level as that taught in Mainstream.
  • Due to smaller numbers and a wide range of abilities, pupils progress at their own pace and level and have an individual educational programme set out for them at the beginning of each school year
  • Children learn to sign and to speak. As they get older they continue to follow whichever option comes naturally to them.
  • Through natural and varied integration between deaf and hearing children, sign language is often a mode of communication used by all staff and pupils.
  • Access to a Speech Therapist.
  • Integration for all lunchtimes, play times, social activities, assemblies, outings, visitor presentations, Religious Ceremonies, extra-curricular activities & clubs, Student Council and all extra activities other than classroom work
  • Integration where possible, practical and, if beneficial to the child, with Mainstream Classroom for particular curricular subjects
  • Sporting activities include Gaelic Football, Hurling/Camogie, Irish Dancing, Athletics, Soccer and Basketball.
  • Links with Bishopstown Community School with Facility for Deaf Children.
  • Links with the Cork Deaf Association (CDA)