Dear Parents and Guardians,

There is light at the end of the tunnel! After long months of wondering if things would ever get back to normal, we are finally seeing evidence that the sacrifices have paid off, that good decisions were made and that we, as a people, have done a really good job to help control the virus. Some people have suffered during the last months and for many, the harm and hurt that was done to our health hasn’t yet been fully realised and will take some time to heal. Having said all that, it’s good to be here and it’s time to look forward.

We set up class emails during the school closure. Class emails will be shut down over the next day or two. Some SNAs were in contact with pupils and these video calls, Whats App and Zoom calls will stop today. If any parent needs to contact us during the holidays he/she can email the office at

Those of you who had children in Second and Sixth Class were looking forward to the First Holy Communion and Confirmation. We have no updates on when these ceremonies will be rescheduled. As soon as we know we will let you know. Those of you who will have children in Second and Sixth Class will be wondering about dates for ceremonies as well. Again, we will let you know as soon as we know.

Today marks the start of the Summer holidays. If ever parents and children needed a break from school work, this is the year. I appreciate how hard it was for many of you to try and manage school work at home. I know that you did all you could. From the start, I have been saying that there is no educational emergency. It’s time now to park everything to do with school for the next two months so that, whatever way things will be in September, we will all be recovered, rested and looking forward to a new school year.

It’s going to be a different kind of Summer as well. For many, reluctance to travel, less available options and changed financial circumstances may mean that you will be taking your holidays at home or very near home. This need not be a negative thing. If you have time over the holidays, perhaps you might consider engaging in physical games and exercise with your child. Walking, jogging, gardening and many other activities can help improve everyone’s health and well-being and get your child to develop a healthy body and mind which will be better able to withstand future challenges. Fill each other’s buckets.

Given that it appears that we will be living with the virus for a while yet, there are two bits of advice I will be following over the Summer. The first thing is that I will try to avoid the three C’s. Closed spaces, Crowds and Close contact. In that way I will minimise my chances of picking up the virus. The second thing I will do is to spend some time staying fit and well. In that way I can best prepare my body to fight off an infection if I do come in contact with the virus.

Many of you are wondering what things are going to be like in September. We are wondering also. The answers lie in how well thing are managed between now and then. These things will be decided for us rather than by us. I feel the best course of action is to make every effort to have a pleasant, happy and active Summer and to await announcements about what way the new school year will be. As I said before, we will welcome each child back to school and pick up with them from exactly where they are. We are expecting some children to be sad, worried and anxious. We promise to look after their managing of these feelings as well as restarting the school work for the new year.


Have a safe, active and enjoyable Summer. When we get guidance from the Department about how school will look in September we will make contact with you and keep you updated.


Take care and stay safe,

Kind regards,

Triona Fitzgerald, Principal.

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