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Dear Parents and Guardians,

I hope you are well.

It is hard to believe that the June bank holiday weekend is nearly up on us. I hope that the suggested work that we are sending home is going ok for you and your child. Please remember that while we do need this work to be completed that we need much more that you all stay safe and well and that the suggested work is just that, suggested. I’m sure you and your child are learning many life skills as we navigate our way through these strange times.

As this Corona virus continues to dominate the news, I’m sure some of you have children who are worried. I came across two lovely books – you might like to read one of them to your child. Please have a look beforehand yourself and see if you think it is appropriate for your child. There is a picture book for children worried about Coronavirus which you can find here ( and here is one for older children (

You will get a shortened email of suggested work for next week. It is the Bank Holiday and we are also taking Tuesday off. The teachers are looking forward to the long weekend and I expect you parents will be happy to get the break also.

We set up class emails for each class. This was to enable children to be in contact with their teacher. Some of you have made this contact and that is great. The teachers are linking with the children and the children can send messages to their teachers. Some of you got in contact and said that you are not in a position to engage and that is ok too. Today I am reaching out to those who just, for one reason or another, have not yet engaged with this method of communication. School as we know it has been disrupted in a way we never thought possible. It has been a long time since your child saw her teacher and since the teacher saw your child. I would see it as important that your child be in some contact with her/his teacher if only to show the teacher a picture of the child riding a bike and the teacher to acknowledge it. I feel it is important to keep the connections going – even from a distance – for reasons much more than learning. I would ask those of you who have not made contact to please do so if you can at all. I know it is another ask !

I have more to ask please. I need your help.

We have been working very hard in St Columba’s over the last two years to achieve our Active School Flag. We are short a few record charts of what your child did during the Active Home Week. It would be a shame if we didn’t achieve it at this stage after all the work that has gone into it. We could wait until next year to achieve the flag but we would love the Sixth class children to get it after all their work before they leave St Columba’s. Please send the record chart to the designated email,, your child’s class email or to Orla in the office.

I would ask your child to do two further bits of work for me please-

I would like your child to create a virtual learning portrait. The idea is inspired by the artwork of Gregg Segal. Your child needs to gather some items that have been important to her/him during the time schools have been closed. Then your child arranges them on the ground however she/he likes, lies in the middle of them, and has a photo taken. It is hoped that these pictures will be an historical item in years to come and future generations of children will study them. Please see the pictures attached and this video ( as examples. Please send the picture to your child’s class email, or to Orla in the office. I hope to make a collage of them for our Facebook page.

The other piece of work involves making (writing and / or drawing) a card. Jim, our caretaker, is retiring after 15 years. As we cannot give Jim a regular send off in June, I was hoping your child could send in a card/page to your child’s class email or to Orla in the office. I will print all the cards/pages and put them in a book to give Jim as he leaves.

So, you will get suggested work emailed to you on Friday for next week. I know I am asking for three more things but I would really appreciate your help with these three requests. We are in the strangest of times and we can only do our best to support each other.

Either way, I hope the weather is kind to us, I hope you and your family stay safe and well and that you get to enjoy the long weekend.

Kind regards,

Tríona Fitzgerald,


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